Let Us Help You Maintain Your Home

Waiting too long can lead to costly repairs.

It’s more cost effective for you as a log home owner to have routine maintenance checks on your dwelling
instead of waiting until problems start to occur. Once issues with log homes start, the fix or fixes are usually no longer
small-budget items. More than likely, we are now looking at a much larger cost to restore your log home.
The Reliable Log Home Maintenance Program allows you to schedule maintenance over 2–3 years versus all at once.

Usual concerns of log home owners:

  • Areas of sun exposure
  • Moisture, mold, mildew issues
  • Insect and bird damage
  • Rotting
  • Stain failing
  • Chinking and caulking flaking and crumbling

One Size Does Not Fit All

Some log homes may need an annual maintenance check. Other may just need one every 2 to 3 years
so that a fresh layer of top coat can be added to the logs. A lot depends on the environment and
location of your dwelling.

Our trained professionals are here to help you with maintaining your precious dwelling. They will design a maintenance program suited for your specific needs and concerns.

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