Below are some examples of what we have run into on the during our initial inspections. Our job is to not only repair log homes from natural damage, but also to repair the poor craftsmanship of previous crews.

Example 1:

They used a block of wood to repair the log end instead of using an actual log end to make the repair.
Some providers only take the top of the curve off and dig out what rot they see and put a piece of siding up.  It takes more work and time to dig into the good part of the log and form a piece of log to match. You can see how well this quick repair worked out, the rot continued to spread under the siding they put on.

Hall of Shame

Example 2:

This repair attempt displays inserted dimensional lumber instead of logs.  4×4’s from the hardware store are not the same as logs.

Example 3:

Log end replacements should not be just cutting off the log end and tacking a new mismatched log on.  We take the log past the corner so it blends in and looks like there was never a repair.

Hall of Shame 001 Alt

Example 4:

Poorly done wood putty. Sticks out like a sore thumb!

Example 5:

Another poor wood putty job…

Example 6:

This log end was tacked on instead of replacing the entire log.

Example 7:

Using spray foam only acts like a sponge to hold water.  It does not fix your problem.  Also, staining over rot will not make it go away.

Example 8:

This is mismatched siding instead of a proper log replacement.

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