This Blog’s About Logs

Posted on Oct 23, 2018 in blog, home restoration, log cabin, log care, log home, log preparation, log repair, moisture, refinishing, staining, sunlight, weather

Log Preparation

When finishing wood, you want to make sure you prepare it correctly. Five core components of preparation for the surface include it being clean, sound, warm, dry and textured. If your log home doesn’t meet all these components, then there is a high risk that your coating process will be a failure. At Reliable, we will make sure these steps are followed and your logs will be prepared correctly. Here are some things we look for as we prepare to finish or refinish the logs:

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Welcome to our blog!

Posted on Aug 17, 2018 in blog, giveaway, home restoration, log cabin, log home, reliable

Once a week or so, we’ll be discussing a log-home topic or sharing news of our recent projects. Be the first ones to hear about what we’re doing, about a product we think is terrific, or general tips and tricks for keeping your log home looking great. We will let you know about upcoming home shows where we’ll be setting up—so you can come out and meet us in person.

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